Renin_Harbour.jpgRenin is a vast, ancient city. It’s actually layers of cities, built one atop the other, as the older section sink into the loam and provide foundations for new streets and buildings. The dwarves of the Makkad clan claim that their ancestors laid the first stone upon another in this spot, but this is disputed by elves and humans both, and there are fragments of lore that state the first city here was built by a strange, lost race in antiquity.

Whatever the origins of the city, it has now grown beyond its original bounds, and has absorbed farms and fields, woodlands and waterways, some of which remain intact. The inner part of the city, though, is a twisted warren of dark streets and alleys, climbing up hills and sinking down below the surface.

Neigbourhoods are almost villages on their own, with their own cultures and traditions within the greater city. There is a huge difference in wealth and opportunity, and in safety and security, between neighbourhoods like the Temple District – haven of the wealthy and powerful – and Barrowdale – crime-ridden slum.

The centrepiece of the city is the Grand Cathedral.


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