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Renin Falls

The city of Renin is old, having existed for over a thousand years. It has sprawled out, climbed up, and sunk down, as different kingdoms, empires, warlords, and civilizations have held sway in the region. But Renin remains, a trade hub with a deep, protected harbour near the mouth of a river, and caravan routes stretching out over the plains, mountains, and deserts to the other lands of the world.

The strangest thing about Renin, however, is Fallen Renin. Some whisper that they have found their way into another city lying in the same space as Renin, and looking much like Renin, but a Renin of a distant future, after some terrible catastrophe has cast the city into ruins. Strange and fearsome creatures and peoples lurk in the destroyed city, along with great treasures of both wealth and lore.

Perhaps, by exploring this strange mirror-city, the Wayfarers might uncover the secret of how Renin falls…


Here are some links to house rules and optional rules that we will be using in this campaign.

Main Page

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