Gates are the magical portals that link Renin and Fallen Renin. They can only be used by Wayfarers, though Wayfarers can bring non-Wayfarers through with them.

Gates are two-way: once opened, they can be used to travel both to and from Fallen Renin. They also move, based on the complex interactions of the sun, moon, stars, and magical tides. Once located, each gate must be coaxed open by the Wayfarer.

Locating Gates

The general area of a gate can be found with a successful Intelligence (Arcana) roll against a DC of 20. This will give you the general area of a single gate within the area you’re investigating. This area must be no larger than a few blocks, and the area it identifies is no larger than a dozen yards across, and the calculations take about half an hour to do. Failure indicates that there is currently no gate in the specified area.

Within this identified area, the actual gate needs to be located using a Wisdom (Perception) roll against a DC of 15. This roll requires an action.

Opening Gates

Once located, a Wayfarer can coax it open by:

  • Deciphering the mystical influences that control it (Intelligence (Arcana))
  • Sensing and matching the multiplanar harmonics that form the gate (Wisdom (Insight))
  • Prying the gate open with the power of your sovereign will (Charisma (Persuasion))

An open gate remains open for five minutes. It can be closed before that time using one of the rolls above.


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