Marissa d'Ven Kandrith

Bastard daughter of the last Viscount


Arriving in Renin two decades ago, Marissa claims to be the natural daughter (i.e., bastard) of Landrick Amaranth, the last Viscount of Renin. In her early days in the city, she was manipulated by all the different power factions to best serve their own interests. Now a middle-aged woman, she has learned some hard lessons. She has become something of a power broker in her own right, using a network of favours and obligation to advance her own agenda.

That agenda? It seems to be helping the citizens of Renin, keeping the worst excesses of the Church and the Blinded Eye and the Makkad the Old Guard from making things too hard for the common folk. She’s made a lot of compromises to get to where she is, and isn’t averse to making more. Her idealism has long ago been subsumed in a kind of pragmatic compassion.


Marissa d'Ven Kandrith

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