Beresford Makkad, The Black Thorn

Evil wizard of the past


Evil_wizard_of_past.png Beresford Makkad, called the Black Thorn for his devotion to dark magics, was head of Clan Makkad some two hundred years ago. Legend says he sacrificed what he loved most — his wife and two children — in Deep Renin. He desired access to the dark magics. And he did indeed gain power. But from the evil of that singular heinous sacrifice, the fall of Renin began its inexorable descent towards the apocalypse. Though he rode the crest of that mighty insurgence of power, no one controls that much dark momentum.

In an event called The Black Thorn War, sorcerers, wizards, hedge witches and all who could wield magic gathered against him and in that cataclysmic battle, his evil was banished — but not destroyed. Their sense of safety lasted until nightfall.

History suggests there were no gates between the present and the future, until Black Thorn broke through the veil creating the first gate from Fallen Renin. But it took all he had to do so. And he fell that night. Or so it appeared.

They say that his evil still taints the gates. It is said that he still lingers in Fallen Renin.


Beresford Makkad, The Black Thorn

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